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30 Days of Painting Challenge

I just signed up for the 30 day painting challenge! Paint a painting a day in the month of September. I could use a new challenge and as I’m not traveling this month it feels like a fitting time to attempt such a task. I realize we are already twelve days into the month of September but its never too late to start, or at least thats what I keep telling myself. If I do 7 paintings tomorrow and 7 paintings on Sunday i’ll be all caught up.

The challenge is being organized by Leslie Saeta from the Artists Helping Artist blog talk radio and over 700 people from around the world are participating. I sometimes get stuck in this mindset of “why should I create art if I don’t have any audience… its just gonna pile up around my house anyway.” Quite the defeatist voice and this challenge feels like a good way to combat it. I also want to blog everyday, and get caught in a similar funk telling myself “nobody cares about your artistic endeavors” and I realize thats probably not true either. You gotta start somewhere. Check back daily to see my paintings!

Interested in joining in? Check out the challenge here:

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