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Love the HeArt Zine?

Learn how to make your own in the Online Course!


Sign up for my full course to explore different techniques, or continue the project at your own pace. Includes word pool downloads, inspirational videos, & step-by-step guide.

Unlock lifetime Access and let your Heart sing,, express, create over and over again in the HeArt Zine space.

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HeArt is a mix of Heart messages

and Art Magick! 


This course walks through the steps for unlocking the messages of the heart and shares different techniques for getting creativity flowing. It is perfect for complete beginners to sacred art, as well as those who have lots of experience playing with mixed media materials.

The first step is to begin a conversation with the heart. Then to create an art landscape with paints, papers, fabrics, or in the case of this craft, whichever materials you can find at home. The Heart message comes through the creation of a found poem. Ritual is woven through each step of the process.

In the course I will walk you through how to craft the pages of your zine, fold it into a beautiful booklet, and then discover the magic of found poetry! I will share my techniques for allowing my creative unconscious thoughts to bubble to the surface, finding a creative flow that is restful and fun.

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